As per IS 8887:2004

Ooms CRS-2 emulsion is a more viscous liquid with higher binder content (minimum 67%) and is most suited for application such as:
- Surfacing dressing
- Grounding
- Penetration Macadam

  • - Easy spray
  • - Low temperature curing
  • - Highly adhesive properties
  • - Water resistant and enhances easy drainage of water
  • - Enhances structural strength of layers
  • - Prevents lateral movements of structural layers
  • - Provides a water impervious layer to prevent water ingress from water table below the road layers.

lt consist of application in one or two coats, each consists of a layer of bituminous binder sprayed on a previously prepared base, followed by a cover of stone chips rolled into form a wearing course. Ooms RS-2 type emulsion is ideal for surface dressing on the shoulders and for protection of freshly laid courses.

Typical rate of application for two-coat surface dressing as per Ministry of Road Transport & Highway (MORT&H) clause 510.2 is 28-32 kg/10 sq,m.

For economical construction of low volume roads. a combined base and wearing courses can be made by an application of Ooms RS-2 emulsion on the laid and compacted aggregates. This application can be carried out even when the stone layer is damp.