Ooms Recycling of Bituminous Pavement

Recycling of Bituminous Pavement

Recycling of Pavement is the process in which existing pavement Materials are reclaimed and re-used after reprocessing for either (a) resurfacing or (b) repaving or (c) reconstruction of pavement. The justification for reclaiming the pavement materials is both environmental as well as economic. The three factors (design, technology and performance) Combine, recycling of pavements is environmentally and economically better option for pavement repair, rehabilitation or reconstruction compared to one which use fresh or virgin materials.

There are essentially two type of recycling technology, viz. (1) in-place and (2) in-plant each having two variants, viz. (a) Cold and (b) Hot recycling technology makes use of Recycling agent which is capable to rejuvenate the old binder and make out all the deficiency of the binder.

OomsIndia, has all grades of Recycling agent fully meeting ASTMD 4552 requirement and can supply to valued customer either in bulk or packed in drums from our plants.