As per IS 8887:2004

Bituminous emulsion is a liquid form of bitumen in which a substantial amount of bitumen is suspended in a finely divided condition in an aqueous medium; bitumen is the dispersed phase and waters the continuous phase. Road Guard CSS-l bitumen emulsion is designed to exceed the functional requirements or respective applications.

  • - Superior penetration into miniature pores of sub bases
  • - Extended breaking - Easy spray
  • - Penetrates the cracks &crevices and imparts strength to the layers
  • - Low temperature curing
  • - High adhesive properties
  • - Prevents permeability of atmospheric air to the bottom layer
  • - Binds loose aggregates together strongly
  • - Water resistant and enhances easy drainage of water
  • - Prevents raveling and rutting
  • - Compatible with Portland cement

Prime Coat:

  • - To coat and bond mineral particles on the surface of the base.
  • - To seal surface pores and make the surface of the base course water-resistant.
  • - To penetrate the existing base course i.e. WMM so as to plug the capillary voids in it.
  • - To harden and toughen the base course surface.
  • - To assist adhesion between the base and the super imposed surface course in conjunction with a coat.

Application of Road Guard to an absorptive surface (like Low to Medium high Porosity Wet Mix Macadam or Water Bound Macadam), Designed to penetrate, plug the capillary voids in the surface, bond and stabilize this existing surface to promote adhesion between it and the construction course that follows.

The Pavements having inadequate priming of Wet Mix Macadam / Water Bound Macadam may have lesser life due to non-achievement of properties, as mentioned above.